Edoardo Bennato songs: the One Man Band

edoardo bennato
Edoardo Bennato
"Sono solo Canzonette" (It are only Songs) by EDOARDO BENNATO, has been my first Lp I bought; it was the best Edoardo Bennato's success and one of bigger success of Italian songs ever.
Bennato has 33 years old and the songs on Lp are about Peter Pan's story. The "Il Rock di Capitan Uncino" (Captain Hook 's rock) ; "L'isola che non c'è" (The nowhere isle);and 'Sono solo canzonette' are, still now, some of most beautiful Italian songs, as text and as music.
He was know as Song-Writer. In these years ('70's and '80's) in Italy, all songs by Italian success' song-writers were politically cares, social utilities and politically correct. Also Edoardo Bennato just to this moment wrote good songs , but with that album he brokes all that. "Are only songs", he saids.
Only one year later the President of Italian Goverment has had kinapped, by 'Red Brigades', some youngs Italian crazy by communists ideals. The music, very important for all youg peoples, talks about revolution, about social dreams, but Bennato wants stop the "link" between good music and political music.
Bennato starts to play music in earlier '60's, considerated one of the most creative and innovative Italian songwriters of his time.
He was only a teenager when he goes to London to play music on the London's underground as one-man-band.
He plays guitar,harmonica, kazoo, tambourine by foot and, of course sings. His music distinguished itself for being an imaginative blend of blues, rock'n'roll, folk influences and even hints of opera. Firsts works - the first album was on '73 'Non farti cadere le braccia'- has text irony and satire.
He have had many success and in '80's also in european countries; in 1990, together Gianna Nannini writes and plays 'Notti magiche' the Italia '90 Football World Championchip; of course it's big success.
After that he makes the most commercial songs. I don't likes that kind of music, too commercial. After ten yars, in '03 write a good song against the war: "A cosa serve la guerra" (The war is useful?) finally, the good song-writer that We loves.


Jauzi said...

i like italian song! great!

ahmed said...

EDOARDO BENNATO was and stil is one of the best Italian singers in 80's and he is also my favorite singer/song writer.
Mi ricordo quando io ero studente in Italia anni 80/85 ascoltavo passionatament il suo album 'Sono solo Canzonette'.
Auguri tanto, you are the best.

BlogMasterPg said...

Bennato is Bennato, and he comes from Naples!! I didn't write this...